“Although I'm not a difficult, unapproachable, brooding person, I don't know how to tell jokes about fun and light subjects. They are already nice. Where is there to go from that? I'm drawn to heavy and serious material: you have to laugh at that stuff, because the other option is crying. And I guess my happy disposition let's the audience come along for the ride. And when you get the audiences howling with laughter at death, taboos and darkness, you feel like you're not alone in the world and for a moment it all makes sense. Of course I'm a happy guy. I get to do this for a living!”

Juuso Kekkonen is a writer, perfomer and a loudmouth. His spoken word monologues are intensely personal, mutta he deconstructs his thinking through unabashed sense of humor to the point where they start saying something about humanity in general. Kekkonen's optimistic worldview keeps crashing into the surrounding cruel and cold world, but by laughing at it together with the audience he seems to stay sane.

His shows are always studies on a singular subject or a theme. They live and evolve from a night to the next, because Kekkonen always drops off the stories that begin to bore him, but also keeps finding new points of view to keep the shows fresh. Even so, some themes keep repeating themselves in his shows again and again: death, sex, taboos, scientific worldview and nerd-culture are always present in some form or another.

Before finding himself in his current gig of talking endlessly about his personal life in front of strangers, Kekkonen studied and graduated as a drama instructor. He also worked for more than 8 years for a Finnish science centre, where he worked as a perfomer and a guide, explaining difficult and complex subjects to the general public in an approachable and entertaining way. That's still kind of his thing, but now just he gets to use bad language and go to darker places with his comedy.