Award-winning stand-up show about sex and particle physics.

Queer Homo is an award-winning stand-up show about a straight man who fell in love with another man, who he thought was a woman at the time. Juuso Kekkonen’s style combines stand-up storytelling to spontaneous lectures about human sexuality using his own personal life as a case study. Kekkonen speaks about his sexual experiences and search for happiness with startling honesty, razor-sharp wit and warm-hearted humour.

How Kekkonen became a happy man is not the usual story and he is not afraid to reveal himself both mentally and physically to the audience. He talks about masturbation, teenage traumas, our evolution as sexual beings, polyamory, heartbreak, BDSM, particle physics and the meaning of life in equal enthusiasm and candor. His technique is to make matters so personal that they become representations of shared humanity, a mirror we can all laugh at together.

***** SHOW OF THE YEAR *****
QX Gay Gala 2014

“The monologue is not only outrageously funny, but also stunningly personal."
- Helsingin Sanomat (Finland's Largest Newspaper)

“The show is awesome, at moments even genius."
- Kari Hotakainen (Bestselling Author)

Audience testimonials

Even though the story rambles on all over the stage, Kekkonen stays in control and leads the audience to one fresh insight after another. --- It is sad that the monologue is probably not heard by the people who would benefit the most from it. But if Queer Homo manages to shake even one person into more tolerant direction, we've collectively taken one more step for good against the evil.”
- Frida Gustafsson in her critique of the show for Turun Sanomat.

“Queer homo was granted the Vuoden valopikku -award for it's impact. The monologue uses humour as a tool to discuss serious matters and challenges the audience to ponder on their own prejudices. Queer homo is a remarkable and inspiring creation. It breaks boundaries while respecting them.”
- The Finnish Sexological Society's press release, 18.10.2013

“Queer homo was capturing and funny. It touched me in many ways and I related to the story a lot. I felt like I knew the performer on a deep personal level. The show gave me a kick in the ass! I recommend this show for anybody. Either you relate, you die of laughter or you just might learn something new!

“I saw the shockingly brave and candid Queer homo at the beginning of a new chapter in my life. And it changed it for the better.”

“Queer homo handles a lot of themes my life touches now and again. The whole depth of the show doesn't open itself at once, and new facets appear as you live and experience new things. There is wisdom and kindness in this show, that you can feel safe leaning on, if you are unsure or stumbling in your thinking. Thanks for the courage on stage.”

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